Frequently Asked Questions

How will I be kept informed of my horse’s progress?

Our communication system delivers updates via either a video or voice message, sent directly to your email inbox. The videos allow you to see your horse exercising, and are overlaid with a voice message from David Hayes or Tom Dabernig explaining how your horse is progressing. You will be advised when your horse comes into training, and once the horse progresses through the initial base fitness stage of training (approximately four weeks). Once the horse starts some faster work, updates will become quite regular (usually every 7 days).

Once your horse has accepted for a race you will receive an email with the full field and form, along with other information including the jockey, race time, barrier etc. The race results will be automatically emailed to you as soon as they become available.

What is available on the ‘owner login’ section on

Owners are able to login to our website to access more information about their horse. Just click on the ‘owner login’ section in the top right corner or go to ownerlogin

When visiting for the first time, you are requested to enter an email address in the ‘Register for Lindsay Park Racing online’ section and click register. Follow the prompts and create your own password.

The next step is attaching your account. You do this by using the Account ID (number starts with 222-) and Keyword that is printed on your monthly statement.

Once you are setup with Lindsay Park Racing Online you can access your statement history (My Accounts) and more information about your horse (My Horses) including a log of all the previous voice and video messages sent, race record and current training status.

Can I speak to the Trainer?

Owners are welcome to speak with David Hayes (0437 888 808) or Tom Dabernig (0418 823 933) to discuss their horses progress. Alternatively you can call our Racing Manager, Rayan Moore (0408 802 334).

Where will my horse be trained?

All of our horses are trained at our new purpose built facility at Lindsay Park Euroa. From time to time David may send your horses to be trained from our Flemington (Melbourne) stables for a period if he feels that they may benefit from a change of environment.

When the horse is not in training, where will it spell?

Lindsay Park Euroa has been established so that our horses can spell in the paddocks at Lindsay Park Euroa when they are not in training. Some of the advantages of having the horses spell on the property are that it allows David and his experienced staff to monitor how the horse is spelling and ensure that the horse does not put on (or lose) too much weight during a spell. It also saves on transport costs to our owners.

Who will be training my horse?

David Hayes & Tom Dabernig are the co-trainers at Lindsay Park Racing and they set the work routine for each of our horses on a daily basis.

I am interested in getting involved in another racehorse, what is available?

Go to Horses Available to see some of our current opportunities. For further information, contact Jason Timperley on or 0488 066 149.

If my horse gets injured or sick, is there a Veterinarian nearby?

Dr David McKellar is our resident Veterinarian at Lindsay Park Euroa. Dr McKellar has 20 years of experience as a Racing Veterinarian and has been the attending Veterinarian for in excess of 100 Group 1 winners including four Melbourne Cup winners. Dr McKellar has been our Victorian based Veterinarian since 1998 and has also worked for Bart Cummings, David Hall, Mike Moroney and Brian Mayfield-Smith.

Dr McKellar is supported by a full-time Vet Nurse and our facilities are equal to most specialist Veterinary clinics. This enables us to provide all of the diagnostic and veterinary treatments without the need to transport your horse off property. Should your horse require a major surgery, we use Goulburn Valley Equine Clinic and their specialist team of Surgeons.

Dr McKellar can be contacted on 0418 382 356 or

Can I get tickets to the races?

Once your horse is registered (named) you should receive an ‘Owners Gold Card’ from Racing Victoria which can be used to access raceday ticketing and mounting yard passes etc, when your horse is racing. For any enquiries regarding the ‘Owners Gold Card’ you should go to or contact Racing Victoria Owners’ Services on 1300 139 412.

For Victorian Spring Carnival race meetings, or meetings outside of Victoria you should contact the relevant race clubs to determine your entitlements.

Lindsay Park Racing does not have any access to additional tickets for Spring Carnival race meetings etc.

How can I stay up to date with stable news?

There are a number of ways to get the latest news on not only your horse, but the stable itself. Every month Lindsay Park puts out a 'Stable Newsletter' which includes a regular column from David Hayes, along with other feature articles relating to the stable. David also produces a weekly video update where he will update on any stable news and discusses our upcoming weekends runners.

You can also follow us on Twitter: @lindsayparkrace Facebook: and on YouTube:

How do I name/register my horse? What about Colours?

If you need any assistance with these issues, we can guide you through the process.

Ebani Harvey is our resident expert in Registrations, Syndicates, Leases, Colours and Transfer of Ownerships and can be contacted on or 0409 462 073.

Will I get my name in the racebook?

There can be a maximum of 20 names in the racebook. As a general rule of thumb, a 5% share entitles you to one name in the racebook. If there are more than twenty owners, you may need to form a Syndicate.

Can I visit my horse at Lindsay Park Euroa?

Owners are welcome to visit their horses at Lindsay Park Euroa. Please ensure you make an appointment by contacting our Racing Manager, Rayan Moore on 0408 802 334 or

Can I watch trackwork at Lindsay Park Euroa?

Owners are encouraged to view trackwork as part of a visit to Lindsay Park Euroa. Trackwork starts at daybreak and usually finishes up around 9am. Please ensure you make an appointment by contacting Rayan Moore on 0408 802 334 or

How far is Lindsay Park Euroa from Melbourne?

We are approximately 1 hour 45 minutes drive from Melbourne CBD. Directions are available at Directions

If I wanted to stay overnight at Euroa where do you recommend?

We have heard good reports about the Euroa Butter Factory and Forlonge Bed and Breakfast

Budget accommodation is available at the Jolly Swagman Motor Inn (Golden Chain) which can be contacted on 03 5795 3388.

How much does it cost to have a horse in training at Lindsay Park?

The average ongoing cost is around $4,000/month (for the whole horse) which covers training, spelling, veterinary fees, transport, farrier etc. The monthly cost can fluctuate greatly depending on whether or not the horse is racing, in training, spelling, nominating for feature races etc. Over a 12 month period a budget of around $4,000/month is a guide.

Do I receive regular invoices?

Whether you own 100% or 5% of a horse you will receive a fully itemised monthly statement via email. Monthly invoices are usually received within 7-14 days after the end of the month.

What are your payment terms?

Our payment terms are strictly 30 days after invoice date. Our preferred method of payment is via credit card. We offer to absorb the merchant fee charges (Visa and Mastercard only) for clients that choose to provide their credit card details and authorise Lindsay Park Racing to automatically charge the credit card for the monthly amount.

Who do I contact if I have any questions regarding my invoice?

All account queries should be directed to Fred Guyatt or 03 5790 3228.

Can I insure my horse?

We recommend that owners consider insuring their horses for mortality. As a rule of thumb, the average annual insurance premium is around 3-4% of the sum insured. We use Brooks Inglis Insurance (08 9277 7744) to insure our yearlings for the first 12 months from fall of hammer at the auction, however there are many companies that offer Equine Insurance.

It is an owner’s responsibility to ensure that they have adequate cover for their bloodstock purchases.